Jordan Rivers Moving and Storage - Lost irreplaceable items including sensitive personal information

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I am very unhappy with the service I received from Jordan Rivers Moving Company.

First of all, it took 3 weeks for us to receive all of our stuff. Because they did not have a full truck, our stuff was moved to their warehouse for storage while we sat in an empty apart across the country trying to continue with our lives.

Once they finally were ready to deliver, they informed us that a second moving company would be completing our delivery, not them. After counting all the boxes that were unloaded from the truck, we discovered that two boxes were missing and that they had shattered an expensive mirror beyond repair. We tried to talk to the movers about the missing items but they had no information and told us we had to take it up with Jordan Rivers.

Now the part that really makes me upset. . . Inside one of the boxes was my husband's computer. This included two monitors, the complete tower, and all our personal information including tax return information. On that computer were also projects he had worked on throughout high school, college, and various jobs. My husband is a software developer so you can understand how upset he got. His whole life was on that computer.

Upon calling Jordan Rivers, we were told that they looked around and made a few calls but the boxes were no where to be found. The woman at customer service could not have been more uninterested or unhelpful. She did not call back to give us updates like she said she would nor could she verify how far along our boxes made it. She (the company) would not take responsibility for the loss and said these things happen and that we were welcome to file a claim.

At no point was she able to explain to me where the boxes could possibly be if they were not in the warehouse, not on the truck, not with another family that got deliveries off the same truck, and not with us.

We are now starting the claims process and they want receipts for things purchased over 5 years ago that you would never think to keep. They also pay out based on weight of each item, meaning we are not going to receive any compensation for any of our lost items. Items totaling over $3,000.

Do not use Jordan Rivers for your next move!!! Just look at other reviews for yourself, they have plenty of bad ones. More specifically don't use the driver Armando or his team.

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